Secret Lands

Welcome to the Secret Lands

Secret Lands are places that are rare to find.  These places are very well hidden, and are even impossible to find most of the time.  For some reason, at times these areas cease to exist. Its as if there is some magic here.  Wolves debate that this is the work of an angel, while others claim its the deed of a demon.  Those who say it is a blessing proclaim that whenever it appears its a great gift and should be admired. Those who believe it is a demon's doing point out that these wonderful places are constantly hidden, like some evil curse.  Either way, these places defiantly seem to be quite magical.  If you are lucky enough to happen upon them when they are in existence, you are very lucky.

The Secret Lands consists of many strange places that are only accessible on special occasions. Each of these places can be reached by a hidden link among the territories in our connected role play sites. All the pages of this site will be hidden so you may not get to every hidden place by discovering one. Once you discover a place you may come here as you wish. Keep in mind that not every place is accessible by every pack. If you are visiting this site but are not familiar with the connecting sites that hold the secret links then please visit the Main Site

If you discover a place, don't just give everyone the link to it. Its only fair that the others have to work hard for it too. Sometimes a place will 'vanish' or go on lockdown mode.  If this happens that means that the conditions arn't right for that secret place at this time. It will be back up soon though.